Idioms untuk Boost-up Tes IELTS Speaking

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Ada empat jenis kemampuan yang diujikan dalam tes IELTS yaitu: Listening, Reading, Writing dan Speaking. FYI, tes IELTS akan berdurasi selama kurang lebih 3 jam dengan pembagian waktu ujian: Listening (30 menit), Reading (60 menit), Writing (60 menit), dan Speaking (11-14 menit). Pada official test IELTS, untuk Speaking Test di IELTS Academic dan IELTS General Test, nggak ada perbedaan signifikan untuk tes Listening dan Speaking

Nah, untuk Speaking Test banyak cara yang bisa diterapkan agar kamu meraih skor yang maksimal. Salah satu tips jitu dari experts IELTS IDP yaitu use a range of grammatical structure (gunakan tata bahasa yang beragam). Maksudnya adalah, kamu bisa menggunakan complex dan simple sentence, phrasal verbs, dan juga idioms.

Menurut Merriam-Webster Dictionary, idioms adalah an expression in the usage of a language that is peculiar to itself either in having a meaning that cannot be derived from the conjoined meanings of its elements (such as up in the air for “undecided” or in its grammatically atypical use of words (such as give way) dan jika diterjemahkan dalam Bahasa Indonesia – sebuah ekspresi penggunaan bahasa yang khas dari kata tersebut (ekspresi) yang mana maknanya nggak bisa diartikan secara terpisah dari makna asli kata-katanya (karena idioms ini biasanya berupa gabungan lebih dari satu kata). 

Ini dia beberapa idioms yang bisa bantu boost up untuk skor IELTS Speaking kamu yang MinSo ambil dari YouTube channel “English Speaking Success”:

Talking about the future

To be on the cards

Means: something is very likely

An example: 

I think Mark will be the next class leader, well at least I think it’s on the cards.

To be up in the air

Means: something is uncertain

An example:

I have no idea who will be the next judge, it’s up in the air.

To be in the bag

Means: to be certain you will get or achieve something

An example:

My test was done well, I think my job is in the bag.

⚠️ NOTE for all of these idioms:

I am on the cards ❌

Something is on the cards ✅

To be a big ask

Means: to be difficult to do, and will need some sacrifice

An example: 

The boss wants us to finish all of the work by this week; I think it’s a big ask.

To be walk in the park

Means: to be easy

An example:

Simple cooking in ten minutes is a walk in the park for me.

To be a breeze

Means: to be easy

An example:

Speaking in English is a breeze for me.

To be barking “up” the wrong tree

Means: to have the wrong idea/approach

An example: 

This approach is totally wrong, I reckon the government is barking up the wrong tree.


Must be present continuous. 

(bark up ❌ barking up ✔️)

To hit the nail on the head

Means: to be completely right about something

An example:

Talking about the policy, I assume that the central administrator has hit the nail on the head.

No end

Means: a lot

An example:

Definitely, this book will assist the learning no end.

Important things

Not to be-all and end-all

Means: something is important, but not the only important thing

An example: 

Hmm, is sport important? Well, it’s not the be-all and end-all, there are more important things like healthy food, enough sleep, and not getting stressed.

Knowing about things

To be clued up on

Means: to know a lot about something

An example:

Do you know a lot about cooking? Well, I am really clued up on cooking, I comprehend lots about it.

To be clueless about

Means: to know nothing about something

An example:

Frankly, I am clueless about the popular slang words.

Talking about people

To give your all

Means: to do your best

An example: 

I admire my parents because they always give their all.

To not put a foot wrong

Means: to not make any mistakes

An example:

My brother was really careful at his job, he never put a foot wrong.

To be a hard act to follow

Means: difficult for anyone else to do as well as that person

An example:

The king was an astounding person, he is going to be a hard act to follow.

✅ Bonus (diambil dari YouTube channel IELTS Advantage)

Once in a blue moon

Means: something that happens rarely

An example:

I used to go out nearly every night, but, since I’ve had kids, it’s really once in a blue moon.

Burn the midnight oil

Means: to work very hard on something

An example:

For this year, I have aimed to gain more experiences than previous years. I am joining some volunteering activities and also a part-time job. That’s why it might seem I burn the midnight oil.

Don’t count your chickens

Means: don’t assume something will happen until it actually occurs

An example:

Talking about the test score, I don’t want to count my chickens when I finish my test because I will be overthinking that. So, whether the score matches my target or not, I will still be happy with that because I have done my best.

Got the extra mile

Means: to do more than what is required

An example:

Instead of just showing the pictures, I go the extra mile, telling them the story behind those pictures.

Cross that bridge when you come to it

Means: to deal with a problem or situation when it actually occurs in the future

An example:

Discussing the remote jobs, people might think we will communicate less face-to-face as we don’t go to the office. However, we can cross that bridge when we come to it like we make a schedule to do video calling once a week.


Ini dia tips untuk menggunakan idioms dari YouTube channel “English Speaking Success:


Dari 25 daftar idioms di atas, adakah favoritmu? Kalo MinSo suka once in a blue moon, karena terkesan poetic gitu. Anyway, penggunaan idioms ini akan terdengar aneh atau jadi nggak natural kalau dipaksakan saat kamu mengucapkan kata-kata ini. Jadi, kamu bisa coba mulai membiasakan menggunakan idioms ini dengan cara: kamu pelajari dulu meaning dari idioms-nya agar saat menggunakannya nggak salah maknanya → lalu tulis atau writing down dulu kalimat yang menggunakan idioms ini → lalu coba latihan mengucapkan ini seperti saat kamu speaking atau bercerita → setelah itu, coba setidaknya membuat satu kalimat menggunakan idioms ini setiap harinya. 

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